Helping Hands in Haiti

Three Haitian children pose for a picture with my sister, Sarah and I out the medical clinic in Leogane, Haiti.

In January 2010, Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince was at the epicenter of a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that took the lives of nearly 300,000 people and displaced a million more. Two years later, the city and many surrounding towns remain in ruins while the Haitians reside in tent camps close to the main city streets. Without a waste management system in place, piles of garbage accumulate on the roadsides, polluting their water supply. Diseases, such as cholera, are common due to the lack of clean water.

Three weeks ago, I traveled to Haiti for a missions trip with members of Valley Brook Community Church in Granby, Conn. and Beraca Baptist Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. Together, we served in Léogâne, a town about 30 miles south of Port-au-Prince, where we provided the Haitian community with general check-ups, vitamins and medicine, as well as counseling and spiritual support.

Read about my missions trip experience in Haiti.

View a photo slideshow of the streets in Haiti, the children of the Paradise School of Children and the medical clinic.

Watch a video created by Corey Unger, Interim Director of Converge Northeast, a member of Valley Brook Community Church and a devout missionary.

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