Ode to the Ocean

sun setting over the ocean

The breeze still plays with my hair, but it no longer smells salty.
The afternoon sky is still blue, but it no longer rests on the crest of the waves.
The sun is still warm on my skin, but it no longer falls asleep beneath the horizon of the ocean.

Instead of waves crashing, I hear birds singing.

And a weed whacker buzzing, a train honking,
an air conditioning unit humming,
cars roaring, dogs barking…

I’ve a feeling I’m not at sea anymore.

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2 Responses to Ode to the Ocean

  1. Rehan Hasan says:

    My oh my, Gabi. I feel the heaviness in your heart. Beautiful!



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  2. Ludovica says:

    My entire life has been spent, until now, near the sea, but I’ve never seen the Ocean. I think that its infinity and its infinite and marvellous solitude are things that will stay forever in one’s life, in one’s heart. You made me feel like I knew them. This is beautiful, thank you.

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